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Products News

THINKING New Product: THINKING Automotive TVS Diode

THINKING has been in protective component industry for forty years. It launches AEC-Q101 qualified TVS diodes and extends its application field to automotive electronics.


Product Feature

1.Surface mounted structure enables easy installation and various packages are available

2.RoHS compliant and halogen-free

3.Qualified to automotive grade AEC-Q101

4.Meet ISO7637-2&ISO16750 load dump test (TP5.0 and TPSM8 Series)

5.Glass passivated chip junction offers high reliability

6.Both bi-directional and uni-directional devices are available

7.Low leakage current and low residual voltage

8.Fast response time


Recommended Application

Car audio system, parking assist system, on-board charger, car navigation system, dashboard camera, heating of passenger seat, electric machine control system


THINKING offers the following TVS product series for automotive applications:


Operating Principle of TVS Diode

Please visit our web page of TVS diode for more information.

The link:

In addition, please feel free to contact us for any technical issues. 

THINKING Temperature Sensors Meet IEC Standards and Acquires VDE Certificates

 DIN EN 60539-1:2017-01 and EN 60539-1:2016 are international standards for directly heated negative temperature coefficient thermistors, and DIN EN 60730-1 (VDE 0631-1):2017-05 and IEC 60730-1:2013+COR1:2014 are for automatic electrical controls. THINKING temperature sensors meet the above-mentioned international standards and acquire their VDE certificates.

Those IEC standards have been updated recently, and THINKING has completed its certificate renewal of VDE. The renewal enables THINKING to follow the latest industry trend and assist its customers in entering their markets as soon as possible. The renewed product series include not only NTSB, NTSG, NTSF, and NTSH series (VDE certificate no.: 40018581), but also NTSA0 and NTSF1 series (VDE certificate no.:40025693), and NTSF0 series (VDE certificate no.: 40034106).

TSM-H Series: SMD NTC with High Operating Temperature

Nowadays, application environments of electronic components are more diverse, and compact design of electronic products increases temperature of circuit boards. Because of those, 125°C operating temperature of electronic components is not satisfying requirements of customers. For meeting the market trend, THINKING introduces TSM-H Series, UL 1434 compliant SMD type NTC thermistor, is with 150°C operating temperature. High operating temperature of the device enables it to offer over-temperature protection or temperature measurement under more stringent operating environment. Therefore, it is recommended to high-end servers, home appliances, industrial control equipments, and etc.

THINKING Varistor Compliant with CQC

TVT Series, thermally protected varistor of THINKING, is compliant with CQC (China Quality Certification Center) Mark Certification.
Body sizes of the verified series are 14 mm and 20 mm (diameter), and the varistor voltage is ranged from 200V to 1200V. In addition, the series meets standards of GB/T 10193-1997 and GB/T 10194-1997 for varistor, and it is also compliant with standards of GB4943.1-2011 and GB8898-2011 for information technology equipments and audio/video equipments applications.

THINKING Sensor Compliant with TUV
NTSA and NTSE series of THINKING sensors are compliant with TUV, and their file number is R50236283. For this compliance, the sensors pass EN/IEC 60539-1: 2008 in that thermistors are an important part of sensors. Furthermore, they reach standards of IEC 60730-1:2010 and EN 60730-1:2011 Annex J, and which makes the sensors suitable for home appliance applications.

THINKING Varistor Meets Standards of GB4943.1-2011 and GB8898-2011

GB4943.1-2011 and GB8898-2011 are new standards of CQC (China Quality Certification Center) Mark Certification on information technology equipments and audio/video equipments respectively. The new requirement of two standards is that varistor must pass 6KV/3KA combination wave test. THINKING varistors are compliant with the standards and their body sizes are available in 10 mm14 mm, and 20 mm (diameter).

In terms of body size, THINKING’s 10mm products (TVR10-V and TVR10-D Series) comply with the standards, indicating their feature of compact dimension and high surge absorption. It is also a space-saving and cost-effective solution for circuit designers. Furthermore, varistor voltage of the compliant products is ranged from 200V to 1100V, and that includes varistor voltage of general series (TVR Series), medium surge series (TVR-V Series), and high surge series (TVR-D Series), meaning that various choices are offered to meet design needs of audio/video equipments and information technology equipments.

KMC2S Series: Polymer PTC Resettable Fuse with 0805 Size
For meeting the demand of component miniaturization, THINKING introduces KMC2S series, a SMD Polymer PTC Resettable Fuse (also known as PPTC) with a body size reduced to 0805.
SMD PPTC with body sizes of 1812 and 1206 are widely adapted now. Comparing with the two sizes, the 0805-size device reduces the space used on PCB board, which benefits miniaturization of electronic product design and effectively reduces cost. PPTC can self-reset after abnormal over-current disappears. Because of this feature, KMC2S works as excellent protection components in power ports (such as DC-in Jacket, Vcc of USB) of portable electronic products (for example, mobile phone, tablet computer, portable media player, and gaming machine) or high component-density devices (including interface card, video hub, and data storage).
KMC2S is approved by UL and TUV, and it offers holding current of 0.1, 0.2, 0.35, 0.5, and 0.75A and working voltage ranged from 6Vdc to 15Vdc for your choice. Please refer to the table below for more electrical characteristics.
Engineer samples are available for client test and will be in mass production in May, 2012. Please contact THINKING sales representative for more information.

TVR-Q Series: Varistor with AEC-Q200 Qualification


THINKING has developed varistors designed for automotive electrical applications. Thanks to its advanced ceramic technology, the components pass load dump and jump start tests and meet automotive industry standards. The AEC-Q200 qualified varistors are with excellent transient voltage suppression capability and able to work in harsh automotive electrical environment.
Available in body sizes of 7, 10, 14, and 20mm (diameter) with varistor voltage ranged from 22V to 68V, TVR-Q series is recommended to 12, 24, and 42 VDC automotive systems.

TPM-C Series: SMD PTC Thermistor with AEC-Q200 Qualification
For meeting the market trend, THINKING introduces TPM-C Series designed for automotive electronics applications. The series is SMD PTC Thermistors offering temperature sensing function and qualified by AEC-Q200 Rev C requirement. Therefore, the components have excellent reliability performance and are suitable for use in harsh automotive electrical environment.
The series is available in body sizes of 0603(Part No: TPM1C471*) and 0805(Part No: TPM2C681*). TPM2C681* are in a body size of 0805 and with a rated resistance of 680Ω. Their sensing temperatures are 90, 100, and 110 celsius degrees, respectively. TPM1C471* with a body size of 0603 has rated resistance of 470Ω and sensing temperature of 105 celsius degrees. The maximum working voltage of both types is 32 V DC.

                                                                          Download Datasheet of TPM-C Series

SMD Varistor with AEC-Q200 Qualification
A new series of SMD varistor for transient overvoltage protection is released to THINKING’s portfolio. Thanks to the new material process technologies, their excellent reliability performance has been qualified by AEC-Q200 Rev-C requirement. For those automotive electronics applications who are under threat of electrical transient described by ISO-7637, these components play the key role for high surge suppression.
                                                                          Download Datasheet of TVM-C Series

Ceramic PTC Thermistor: SMD Over-current Protector
THINKING now offers a new series of SMD ceramic PTC thermistor for over-current protection to remove abnormal over-current conditions in circuits and then return to their initial conditions, so the components can be used repeatedly.
This series is UL and TUV approved and recommended for over-current protection of notebook computers, pre-charge resistance in battery packs, and overload protection of LED applications. Furthermore, with a compact body size of 0603, the products are suitable for surface mount placement and installations in limited space.
                                                             Download Datasheet of TPM-P Series

SMD NTC Thermistor with AEC-Q200 Qualification
A new series of SMD NTC thermistors for temperature sensing is released to THINKING’s portfolio. Thanks to the new material process technologies, their excellent reliability performance has been qualified by AEC-Q200 Rev-C requirement. For those automotive electronics applications which are involving frequent and rapid temperature changes, these components play the key role for temperature measurement and compensation.

                                                                                 Download Datasheet of TSM-C Series

THINKING Recommended by Teridian 73M2901CE

Teridian Semiconductor, a US-based semiconductor company that designs and develops analog and mixed-signal ICs, listing THINKING polymer PTC resettable fuse as recommended components in demo board user manual of its IC design product, 73M2901CE.
73M2901CE is a single chip low speed modem that includes all the modem functions, and its programmable configuration options make it highly adaptable to a variety of applications, including satellite set-top box, point-of-sale terminal, automatic teller machine, remote monitoring device, metering device, vending machines, and smart card reader.
Over-current protection is required for a reliable design that will survive in the severe conditions occurred by short circuit or voltage cross to power mains. Fuses as over-current protection components prevent the design from failing caused by those conditions. Comparing with one-time fuse, resettable fuse is able to reset itself after short circuit and does not need to have replacement fuses. Therefore, in 73M2901CE demo board user manual, KRT600 (600 V, 150mA) and KRT250 (250 V, 120mA) of KRT series are recommended components for over-current protection. This UL, cUL, and TUV recognized series passes 6kV test and is compliant with UL60950 and EN-60950, meeting Teridian customers’ needs of isolation voltage and agency approvals.
Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Asian manufacturer of protective components, providing NTC thermistor, MOV, polymer PTC resettable fuse, PTC thermistor, gas discharge tube, temperature sensor, and ESD protector. With its broad portfolio, THINKING products are widely applied in power and industrial electronics, telecom and communications, consumer electronics, home appliances, and automotive electronics. THINKING is an ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified company, and its products are UL, CSA, VDE, and TUV recognized. Economies of scales enable its world-class product quality with competitive price, and comprehensive service is achieved by its global logistics and customer support.
About Teridian Semiconductor
Teridian Semiconductor, based in Irvine, California, designs and develops analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits that are used in smart meter, set-top box, and alarm system. It strives to simplify system integration for its customers to accelerate their system development and reduce engineer time needed for achieving production.

TSM Series: Thermistor for Safety Circuits

TSM series, THINKING’s SMD NTC thermistor, passes 100,000 cycles of endurance test for safety circuit and complies with UL 1434.

Passing the endurance test indicates that the products are long-lasting and recommended components of safety circuits of electronic design plans. These circuits monitor system operations, and then a risk of fire, electric shock, or injuries of persons can be reduced.

Those components are available in a body size of 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206, with an operating temperature ranged from -40 to +125 degree Celsius, and R25 ranged from 2 to 220 KΩ. They are suitable for electronic products that require surface mount process, including alert circuits of power supplies/uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), thermal control circuits of rechargeable batteries, motor control systems of electric wheelchairs, and control circuits of automotive electronics. TSM series are able to ensure system operations and user safety of those applications.

THINKING Introduces New Thermally Protected Varistor - TVT Series

Continuous over-voltage, which is mostly caused by the line imbalance of neutral to ground in AC line or abnormal connection of power system, triggers a varistor into a continuous clamping condition and results in fire or smoke. Therefore, THINKING launches new thermally protected varistor, TVT series, to effectively disconnect the varistor from circuit under abnormal over-voltage and limited current condition (requirement of UL 1449 3rd Edition, Section 39.4) to ensure user safety. 

Thanks to TVT’s patented design, the components offer faster disconnection time and more reliable operation to replace thermal fuse in circuit, so that reduces part count. In addition, thermal fuse is not suitable for wave soldering. TVT’s excellent heat resistance solves this problem and enables automatic production. In other words, TVT series is a good solution for over-voltage protection and cost control. 

Those components are available in a body size of 14 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, and 34 mm (diameter), with an operating voltage ranged from 130 Vac to 750 Vac, and a withstanding current capability raged from 6000 A to 40000 A. TVT series is recommended over-voltage protection components of power supply, Uninterruptible Power Supply, TVSS module, lightning surge protection products. The most popular 14 mm and 20 mm products are TUV approved.

THINKING Varistor- New compact series

THINKING has developed a new 10 mm disc varistor with compliance to UL 1449 3rd Edition.
The new series, TVR10-V, as components certified to UL 1449 3rd Edition Type 3, passes an operating duty cycle test with a combination wave at 6kV/3kA. It indicates its feature of compact dimension and high surge absorption in that only 14 mm disc varistors are able to pass the test in the industry.
Furthermore, for trends in green products, the series is RoHS verified and halogen-free (HF) components are also available for your choice.

Overvoltage varistors now halogen-free

THINKING now offers halogen-free varistor. Its TVR series is compliant with RoHS directive already, and now those products are halogen-free, enabling them free from hazardous substance and lowering their environmental impact and meeting client’s green purchasing initiatives.

Those components are available in a body size of 5mm to 20mm (diameter), with an operating voltage range from 11Vac to 1000 Vac, and a withstanding current capability raged from 100A to 6500 A. They are recommended over-voltage protection components of power supply, home appliance, and industrial equipment, and telecommunication and telephone systems. The halogen-free series have VDE approval and UL certification.

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