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Hot News


THINKING Temperature Sensors Meet IEC Standards and Acquire VDE Certificates

DIN EN 60539-1:2017-01 and EN 60539-1:2016 are international standards for directly heated negative temperature coefficient thermistors, and DIN EN 60730-1 (VDE 0631-1):2017-05 and IEC 60730-1:2013+COR1:2014 are for automatic electrical controls. THINKING temperature sensors meet the above-mentioned international standards and acquire their VDE certificates.
Those IEC standards have been updated recently, and THINKING has completed its certificate renewal of VDE. The renewal enables THINKING to follow the latest industry trend and assist its customers in entering their markets as soon as possible. The renewed product series include not only NTSB, NTSG, NTSF, and NTSH series (VDE certificate no.: 40018581), but also NTSA0 and NTSF1 series (VDE certificate no.: 40025693), and NTSF0 series (VDE certificate no.: 40034106).
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