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Hot News

 New Product Introduction: THINKING Automotive TVS Diode

THINKING has been in protective component industry for forty years. It launches AEC-Q101 qualified TVS diodes and extends its application field to automotive electronics.

Product Feature

1.Surface mounted structure enables easy installation and various packages are available

2.RoHS compliant and halogen-free

3.Qualified to automotive grade AEC-Q101

4.Meet ISO7637-2&ISO16750 load dump test (TP5.0 and TPSM8 Series)

5.Glass passivated chip junction offers high reliability

6.Both bi-directional and uni-directional devices are available

7.Low leakage current and low residual voltage

8.Fast response time


Recommended Application

Car audio system, parking assist system, on-board charger, car navigation system, dashboard camera, heating of passenger seat, electric machine control system


THINKING offers the following TVS product series for automotive applications:


Operating principle of TVS Diode

Please visit our web page of TVS diode for more information.

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