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Hot News

 THINKING Receives TUV Rheinland Witness Testing Qualification

THINKING receives witness testing qualification from TÜV Rheinland (China) Ltd, and certificate awarding ceremony is held on March 15, 2018 at Thinking (Changzhou) Electronic Co., Ltd.
Adopting IEC recognized components is a must requirement for electronics products to enter European market, and it also ensures user safety and increases brand value of manufacturers. Furthermore, launch of new electronics products is fast nowadays. For meeting this trend, electronic component manufacturers not only meet customer needs but also speed up innovation of their new products. The more important thing is to obtain safety approval for their new products in time, and which helps their customers to capture business opportunities.
THINKING laboratory is with Client Test Data Program (CTDP) certification from UL, a safety organization for American and Canadian markets. Because of the above-mentioned point, THINKING now receives witness testing qualification from TÜV Rheinland, and is qualified to perform European test requirements. That accelerates approval processes of both THINKING new products and products from THINKING customers using TÜV Rheinland service.
THINKING laboratory with witness testing qualification from TÜV Rheinland is qualified to perform EN 61051-1:2008, IEC 61051-1:2007, IEC 61051-2:1991+A1, IEC 61051-2-2:1991, IEC/EN 60738-1:2006+A1, IEC/EN62319-1:2005, Annex Q of IEC 60950-1, Annex G8.2 of IEC 62368-1, and the products for test include NTC thermistor, PTC thermistor, polymer PTC resettable fuse, and varistor.
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