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Product Application

Automotive Electronics Power and Industrial
    Constant temperature providing       Inrush current suppressing
    ESD protection      Overcurrent protection
    Inrush current suppressing     Overheat detection
    Overcurrent protection     Overvoltage protection
    Overheat detection     Surge protection
    Overvoltage protection     Switch-off delaying
    Surge protection     Temperature sensing
    Temperature sensing    
Consumer Electronics Telecom and Communication
    ESD protection     ESD protection
    Overcurrent protection       Inrush current suppressing
    Overheat detection       Overcurrent protection
    Temperature sensing     Overheat detection
        Overvoltage protection
      Surge protection
      Temperature sensing
Home Appliances  
     Constant temperature providing  
     Inrush current suppressing  
     Overcurrent protection  
     Overvoltage protection  
     Surge protection  
     Switch-off delaying  
     Temperature sensing  
     Time delay of lighting  


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