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Society Responsibility

THINKING endeavors to offer a more reasonable, safer, and healthier work environment, and hopes to improve the status of social accountability all around the world. Therefore, commitments of THINKING are as below.
Labor and Human Rights
1. THINKING does not discriminate employees because of their age, disability, nationality, gender, marital status, country of origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex orientation, sex identity, union membership, or any other identities protected by the law.
2. THINKING does not allow any punishment, violence, harassment, and abuse in its work place. In addition, THINKING ensures gender equality in employment.
3. THINKING does not force employees to do involuntary job assignments, and all the employees have the rights to sign and terminate their employment contracts.
4. THINKING does not employ underage employees who aged less than 16 years and protects teenage employees who aged 16 to less than 18 years.
5. THINKING complies with labor law and ensures all the employees have the rights to refuse to work overtime.
Business Ethics
THINKING is against corruption, bribery, and monopoly, and we will compete fairly and execute information security management. In addition, THINKING regularly executes internal audit for operating and management operations, and definitely does not deceive and laundry money.




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