Product Application


In order to prevent overheating, industrial applications such as pump and motor usually require temperature detection to indicate an over-temperature condition. THINKING not only offers a range of standard NTC temperature sensor types including dip, glass encapsulated, epoxy, and SMD, but also develops new sensor units to meet customers' specific requirements. When the standard NTC sensor does not match your new product layout or mounting requirements, THINKING is capable of designing and manufacturing new sensor in accordance with the application specification.

Standard & Customized NTC Sensor

The standard dip type NTC thermistor is with bendable leads, which can be straight or kinked. With the kink leads, the sensing top is lifted up and stays as close to the detected objects for accurate temperature detection. For an application that has specified requirements, additional features can be integrated with the NTC thermistor element to customize an NTC temperature sensor. 

For example, there was a request for customizing NTC sensor with lift-up holder, to enables the sensor to be fixated in a specified position stably during automated assembly process. The lift-up holder and the NTC thermistor were tightly bonded, and the whole unit was tested for strength. For automated assembly, both NTC sensors can be delivered in taping and reel package.

Customization Process of NTC Sensor

THINKING works closely with our client in the NTC temperature sensor customization process in order to best meet the end product requirements. 

In one of the customization cases, THINKING was asked to develop a NTC sensor with lift-up holder to keep the sensing top away from the PCB at a specified distance, and the sensor unit can withstand the stress occurred in the automatic assembly process. THINKING mechanical engineers utilized 3D modeling and rapid 3D prototyping to explore engineering options and to determine design feasibility of various mechanical structures. With this ability, THINKING quickly provided a prototype of a cylinder holder to the client and they realized that cuboids shape might better fit their needs. Our engineers then explored how the NTC thermistor can be hold in place with a cuboids lift-up holder.

The key design challenge for THINKING was to match the parts assembly because the sensor was relatively small, and the tolerance of the plastic part dimensions was tight. Our engineers carefully verified and controlled the factors that would impact the fitness of the parts and the NTC element, including part design, tooling design and production manufacturing. Tooling design is a complex and highly technical process. Our experts own the years of tooling design experiences and hands-on knowledge to ensure the tooling quality to produce parts with tight tolerances and to optimize manufacturing processes.

After a few rounds of modeling, prototyping, and testing, THINKING came up with a reliable NTC sensor in a snap-fit holder design that was strongly bonded by ultrasonic welding. Meanwhile, another challenge THINING had to overcome was to deliver the sensor unit in taping and reel. During the design phase, once a design change was requested by the client, THINKING’s cross functional team, including design engineering, tooling engineering, material engineering, and manufacturing engineering  would quickly adapted to it and coordinated manufacturing feasibility solution to ensure the structure strength, mass production and packaging.

The client frequently sent feedback, which helped accelerate the sensor development. The joint efforts paid off: A robust NTC sensor solution successfully developed to keep the sensor at a specified distance from the PCB and hold it in place during automated assembly.

For industrial application that requires thermal detection with reliable and precise NTC thermistor, THINKING provides various NTC thermistors to satisfy customers' needs, and automatic production of temperature sensor offers stable quality of products. With over 40 years experience in temperature sensor industry, THINKING owns material development, advanced manufacturing process, and overall verification.

THINKING has designed NTC temperature sensor with different geometry for specific application requirements. Most temperature sensor types can be delivered in various shapes and with a wide choice of casing materials, cable lengths, connectors, terminals and mounting features to meet different application needs. Alternative resistances tolerances, R/T characteristics, resistance ratings, and UL recognized models are available on request. Please contact us to learn more about NTC temperature sensors.