Privacy Policy

Welcome to the official website of THINKING Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “the website/we”), we would like to introduce privacy policy of our website for you to enjoy our information and service. Please carefully read the following information to ensure your rights.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

When you browse our website, our server will automatically record the related path, including IP address, time, browser type, and the page you request as reference for our website service. The information is for internal use only and does not open to the public. In addition, we will not disclose your personal information to any third party except for your permission or special provision of other regulations.

2. Information Protection

Our website is equipped with firewalls and anti-virus related information security facilities, and we take the necessary precautionary measures to protect our website and your personal information. Furthermore, only the authorized staffs are allowed to access your personal information, and they are required to conclude a non-disclosure agreement. If there is a violation of such agreement, the person will be punished in accordance with relevant laws.

3. Links to External Website

The Privacy Policy does not apply to websites that merely link to our services, and we do not bare any obligation or responsibility for the information or data shared by these external sites. Please consult the privacy policy of each respective website for these cases.

4. Use of Cookies

Our website will set and access cookies in your computer for providing better service. If you are not willing to accept the cookies, you may set the privacy protection level to “high” in your browser and refuse to accept cookies. However, some functions of the website may not operate normally because of the above-mentioned action.

5. Changes of Privacy Policy

We may update the privacy policy to meet the requirements at any time, and the revised version will be published on our website.