Product Application

Lösungen für EV Traction Motor

The main components of e-mobility are the battery, traction motor, and power electronics. The battery supplies electricity to the stator of the traction motor, which causes the rotor to rotate, creating the mechanical energy needed to turn the wheels. Each component must be kept at an optimal temperature range to ensure efficient operation. For the traction motor to operate efficiently, its operating temperature must be maintained between 90°C and 100°C. Once the operating temperature exceeds this range, its efficiency may decrease. Moreover, excessive heat that results from overloads and stalls can damage the windings or insulation of the traction motor. It is, therefore, vital to monitor the temperature of the motor, particularly that of the stator winding. To protect the traction motor against overheat and maintains its operational efficiency, THINKING developed robust NTC temperature sensor to integrate with stator winding.

Stator Winding Temperature Sensor

THINKING stator winding temperature sensor utilizes our glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor to offer excellent accuracy, stability, and reliability. The sensor is protected by dual-layered heat shrink to provide an airtight seal against moisture and corrosion and robust construction against mechanical shock. In addition, its small size allows it to be integrated with stator windings. To meet various application requirements, the sensor is available with a round or rectangular probe head shape. In particular, the rectangular probe head provides optimal thermal conductivity for flat surfaces and is ideal for monitoring the temperature of hairpin windings.

THINKING's temperature sensor can help maintain the efficiency and safety of electric vehicle traction motors with its accurate and reliable NTC thermistor. The temperature sensor can be customized with different wire lengths, terminals, and connectors. In addition, alternative R/T characteristics, resistance ratings, and resistance tolerances are available upon request.

With over 40 years experience in temperature sensor industry, THINKING provides various NTC thermistor to satisfy customer’s needs, and its automatic production of temperature sensor offers stable quality of its products.