Product Application

Lösungen für EV Charging Inlet

THINKING specifically developed a series of accurate temperature sensors for temperature detection of electric vehicle charging inlet. During the charge cycle, high current running through the connectors over a long period of time may generate high heat and can be a potential safety hazard to components and users. Therefore, monitoring the temperature of connectors is critical to increase charging safety.

  • The temperature sensors are designed to resist moisture and corrosions in case that charging interfaces exposed in highly humid or dusty environment.
NTC Temperature Sensor
(Metal Case Type)
  • Key Features of the Sensors
  • ● Metal case type: The standard metal sensing top allows flexible installation
NTC Temperature Sensor
(Plastic Case Type)
  • Key Features of the Sensor
  • ● Plastic case type: The plastic type is specifically designed for seamless contact between connector and sensor. The sensor touches the connector directly so that the temperature detected is more precise.
NTC Temperature Sensor
(Multiple Sensor Structure)
  • ● Multiple sensor structure: For multiple points temperature detection, there are two multiple sensor structure options available. One is metal sensing tops with high dielectric strength, and the other is with ring terminals for simple and robust screw-on installation.