Product Application

Lösungen für Cloud Computing

As artificial intelligence and 5G applications continue to develop, the demand for high-performance computing and more server racks is rising. However, expanding server racks generates more heat, making heat dissipation a critical issue for data centers. To tackle this challenge, data centers require a more efficient cooling solution. Immersion cooling, by directly immersing servers and other hardware in a non-conductive liquid, has emerged as a promising solution for enhancing data center computing capacity and thermal efficiency.

Because immersion cooling involves submerging servers and other electronic hardware in the non-conductive fluid for extended periods, the THINKING engineering team believes verifying whether our products can still function normally after prolonged exposure to the liquid is essential.  To this end, THINKING conducted long-term reliability tests on protective components commonly used to protect servers. The following video demonstrates that the tested product series remained unchanged in electrical characteristics or appearance after long-term immersion in the non-conductive liquid, meeting the requirements of immersion cooling systems and effectively protecting servers.