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Lösungen für Surge Protection for Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment and facility are susceptible to the threat of high energy transients from the source of lightning strikes or the switching of heavy inductive loads. The high level transients may damage these valuable equipment and cause the problems include power supply failure, process interruption, and associated facility downtime and repair costs. Therefore, high energy surge protection is necessary for sensitive industrial automation equipment that operates in the harsh environment, to minimize production disruptions, and to ensure consistent and efficient operations of your facility. THINKING delivers a full range of circuit protection technologies including over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and over-voltage protection components for industrial applications.

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Metal Oxide Varistor for Lightning Protection

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THINKING TVA series is high energy Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). The component is designed to absorb high surge energy produced by lightning strike and inductive load switching. The series offers a wide range of current and energy handling capabilities, as well as body size from Ф25mm to Ф 60mm.

For the need of Class I surge protective device (SPD), TVA34 offers a high surge current capability of 12.5KA and 15KA (Iimp 10/350 µs). Furthermore, THINKING offers various structures of the TVA34 series, including the screw-fasten terminal type, for satisfying customers’ design needs.

The TVT series (Ф14mm and Ф20mm) is thermally protected Metal Oxide Varistor from THINKING. The device is comprised of MOV with a thermal fuse element designed to open when overheating occurs due to overvoltage conditions. There are two-terminal and three-terminal versions of the device. The inclusions of a third monitor lead helps indicate whether the MOV has been disconnected from the power circuit or not, making the device fail-safe.

Both the TVA and TVT series are suitable for applying to the commercial and industrial power systems of 150VAC, 275VAC, 320VAC, 420VAC, and 550VAC. They are recommended for the following applications because of their high-energy absorption capabilities:

‧    Outdoor AC mains of 5G base station, railway system, photovoltaic system, and water treatment plant
‧    Switchgear, distribution panels, local backup power, and power distribution unit
‧    Heavy motor, control, and power supplies used in heavy industries such as machinery manufacturing, oil-drilling and mining
‧    Elevator/ escalator control system, HVAC, and building management systems

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SMD type Varistor for Board Surge Protection

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The TVB Series is a plastic-encapsulated surface mount varistor. The series features low profile design with high surge current withstanding capability to help customer save PCB space, and is available for IR-reflow soldering. Its surface mounted structure is recommended for automatic insertion of customer’s production, and which helps increase customer’s production efficiency.

The newly launched TVBDS and TVBES series are suitable for the power and control boards with limited PCB height, offering an elevated level of surge protection in terms of performance. The Electrical performance of the TVBES series is equivalent to THINKING leaded type MOV (TVR14 series), but its height above PCB is 1/3 of that of the TVR14 series. Similarly, the electrical performance of the TVBDS is equivalent to the leaded type TVR10 series, and its height above PCB is only 40% of TVR10 series.

Gas Discharge Tube

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GDT is featured with high insulation resistance, very low capacitance, and large surge current handling capabilities. These features make GDT an optimal choice for protecting industrial AC line against lightning and other power surges. Furthermore, combining GDT with varistor delivers a more effective and robust protection solution against power line transient.

THINKING GDT is available in a broad range of small footprint leaded and surface mount configurations, and in a wide DC spark-over voltage range, to meet various design needs. The recommended products for power line surge protection specifications are as the table below.

High Power Type NTC Inrush Current Limiter

SCH series is THINKING high power NTC thermistor for inrush current limiting. Its electrical characteristics is equivalent to THINKING SCK25 series (Ф25mm NTC thermistor), but 50% installation space is reduced when comparing with SCK25 series. In other words, the component can handle high power inrush current and is recommended for high power industrial applications with limited installation space, such as high power switching mode power supply (SMPS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power conversion equipment, motor drive system, and smart low-voltage power distribution unit. The SCH series is developed lead-free thanks to THINKING proprietary patented technology. Because of this, the new component is recommended for industrial customers who are looking for a hazardous free inrush current limiter.

Further information of NTC

THINKING circuit protection products are recognized by major agencies such as UL, cUL, TUV, and CQC. The agency approval conditions of products series can be found in product catalogs. If you need further information, please click here to contact us.

With more than 40 years experience in protective component industry, THINKING owns advanced manufacturing process, material development, and overall verification. Its profound experience and advanced technology enable it to offer comprehensive service and reliable protective components to assist customers in overall protection design for industrial equipment.