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THINKING Varistor Among the First in Greater China to Meet the Latest IEC Standards and Attain VDE Certificates

THINKING varistor products, TVR series, TVR-V series, TVR-D series, and TVR-M series have achieved compliance with the lately updated international standards, DIN EN IEC 61051-2:2023-10, EN IEC 61051-2:2021, DIN EN IEC 61051-1:2019-07, and EN IEC 61051-1:2018, by acquiring their latest VDE certificates. Obtaining these new certificates, in short, positions THINKING as one of the first protective component manufacturers in Greater China to attain VDE certification.

VDE certification signifies the compliant varistor series of THINKING has met the stringent testing criteria set forth by the following up-to-date international standards for metal oxide varistors used in AC or DC powered electronic equipment:

  • ● DIN EN IEC 61051-1:2019-07; EN IEC 61051-1:2018
  • ● DIN EN IEC 61051-2:2023-10; EN IEC 61051-2:2021
  • ● IEC 61051-2-2:1991


The rapid attainment of VDE certification demonstrates THINKING's commitment to ensuring global clients' new designs meet the latest regulatory standards. The varistor voltage of compliant products is from 18V to 1800V, including the TVR series, TVR-V series, TVR-D series, and TVR-M series. The wide operating voltage range provides today's diversified electronic equipment with design flexibility and robust surge protection. For more information, please click on the product series names below for product catalogues. If you need samples or detailed information, please contact THINKING sales representatives or authorized distributors.