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Ring Terminal Temperature Sensor Design Guide

Build a ring terminal temperature sensor that meets your application needs in an instant!

With the evolution of advanced equipment for smart factories, high-performance computing, and e-mobility applications, preventing electronic equipment from overheating has become increasingly crucial. As a result, surface temperature sensors become more prevalent in electronic equipment, preventing thermal overload or maintaining optimal temperatures. 

Designers generally prefer ring terminal temperature sensors over other surface temperature measurement solutions because of their easy installation. However, the availability of various types and sizes of ring terminals on the market can pose challenges for designers in quickly finding a temperature sensor that matches their product's screw size.

To address the challenges designers may face in finding the right ring terminal temperature sensor, THINKING has leveraged its extensive thermal sensing expertise to develop a comprehensive design guide. The design guide is designed to streamline the process of finding the optimal surface temperature sensor, making it easier and faster for you to make informed decisions. By utilizing this design guide, you can:

Select the ring terminal, NTC thermistor, lead wire, and connector to build a surface temperature sensor according to your application requirements

Learn the factors to consider when designing temperature sensors

Learn how THINKING assists you in accomplishing the temperature-sensing tasks your product needs