Product Application

Lösungen für EV Liquid Cooling System

THINKING Inline Flow-Through Fluid Temperature Sensor is developed for coolant fluid temperature monitoring. The sensor design enables a sealed connection to the inlet or the outlet hoses ( See the typical application example above). Therefore, the temperature sensor is able to measure the temperature of fluid that flows through its sensing top directly and provides an accurate temperature reading to the control system. Its measurement accuracy is higher than that of the clip-on sensor, which measures temperature of the fluid indirectly.

Inline Flow-Through Temperature Sensor
for Cooling System

    Inline Flow-Through Temperature Sensor

    Clip-on Temperature Sensor

    Screw-in Temperature Sensor



    Highly accurate, measures fluid temperature directly

    Less accurate, measures fluid temperature indirectly

    Accurate, measures fluid temperature directly

    Leak-proof Yes Yes Risk of leakage


    Sealed connection with the coolant pipe to save spaces

    Clip onto the pipe

    Need the use of O-ring for preventing leakage


  • Key Features of the Sensors
  • ● High measurement accuracy: Difference between fluid temperature and sensor temperature is controlled within 1℃
  • ● Connector is integrated with the sensor tube to save product installation space in the cooling system
  • ● The sensor is made of hydrolysis-resistant plastic that is robust and reliable
  • ● Two options of hose fitting are for connection with rigid polymer hose or elastomeric hose
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