Product Application

Lösungen für Smart Toilet

Smart home technology has changed consumers' lives. In recent years, consumers have increasingly sought smart products to make their lives more comfortable and hygienic, including the smart toilet. A smart toilet gives consumers a personalized cleanliness experience by providing warm water cleansing, warm-air drying, and a heated seat. To help smart toilets ensure user comfort and safety, THINKING offers a selection of temperature sensors for monitoring the water, air, and seat temperatures.

Temperature Sensor for Hot Water Inlet and Outlet

Electronic bidet seats that offer warm water cleansing usually have an instant water heater that heats the water to a preset temperature to provide a constant warm-water supply. The instant water heater comprises temperature sensors, a ceramic heating element, a thermal switch, and a liquid level switch. The temperature sensors are installed at the water inlet and outlet for optimal temperature control and overheat prevention. THINKING metal-case type NTC temperature sensor provides an ultra-fast response time, ideal for monitoring the temperature of the hot water outlet or inlet to ensure user safety. In addition, the sensor is corrosion-resistant and offers stable performance with high accuracy in humid environments.

Temperature Sensor for Air Outlet

Warm-air drying works as an electric fan blows air over a heating element, which warms the air as it passes. A temperature sensor can be installed at the air outlet to ensure that the air temperature is close to that of the human body. The metal case type temperature sensor of THINKING features a fast response time, long-term stability, and can provide accurate temperature readings to the control unit. The temperature sensor is available with either a single or multiple sensor structure for detecting the air temperature at single or multiple points.