Product Application

Lösungen für Surge Protection for 5G

5G networks gradually adopt active antenna systems and small cell sites to enhance radio coverage. Active antenna systems feature a tighter integration to achieve miniaturization and increase efficiency, which requires higher levels of electronic integration and smaller package designs that deliver the same performance. Furthermore, because 5G will empower various machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as the communications between autonomous vehicles and traffic control, low latency and high reliability are crucial for the 5G network to support the services. Therefore, a proper protective solution that prevents transient voltage events should be considered for designing 5G circuits to maintain reliability and continuous operation of the infrastructure.

5G infrastructure can be AC-powered, DC-powered, or both. To protect 5G infrastructure and equipment against overvoltage events, THINKING developed different surface mount varistor devices in their capability, configuration, and installation to meet various protection and design requirements. These surface-mount surge protection devices feature the powering range requirements of 5G, and designers can benefit from their increased surge capability, space efficiency, and simplified assembly.

TVM6B820 & TVM4B101

TVM6B820 & TVM4B101 are surface mount multilayer varistors manufactured from semiconducting ceramics and the construction technology gives them high surge suppression capability in a small footprint. The components are suitable for low voltage DC power supply and PoE surge protection. The TVM6B820 has a maximum continuous voltage of 82VDC, surge current capability of 4500 A (8/20 µs), and an EIA size of 2220; while the TVM4B101 has a maximum continuous voltage of 100VDC, surge current capability of 1200 A (8/20 µs), and an EIA size of 1210. The small footprint of the components is ideal for PCBs with higher circuitry density.

Plastic Encapsulated Type Varistors

THINKING newly designed TVB-T and TVB-S series have varistor elements encapsulated in a UL 94 V-0 flame-retardant plastic housing for surface mount soldering. 

The latest TVB-T series combines two varistor elements in a plastic housing. Its product size is EIA4941, with a maximum continuous voltage (Vac) of 230V. The electrical performance of the series is equivalent to that of our radial leaded varistor, TVR10 series, and it reduces installation space by 30%. Furthermore, the TVB-T series offers higher-density miniaturization products, reducing 58% of installation space on PCB. 

The TVB-T series is well-suited to PoE applications because of its compact design and high surge capability. Each Ethernet port requires four radial leaded type or surface mount varistors for effective surge protection. With the TVB-T series, only two devices are required to protect an Ethernet port from voltage transients. In other words, the integrated device considerably decreases the density of the printed circuit board by 50%. As a result, the TVB-T series significantly conserves PCB space and improves assembly efficiency by reducing installation time.

TVBDS and TVBES series are varistors assembled in a low-profile housing and ideal for 5G communication circuits design with limited PCB height. The series' wide operating voltage and energy range provide customers the flexibility to choose optimal protection 5G installation input voltage. The Electrical performance of the TVBES series is equivalent to THINKING leaded type MOV (TVR14 series), but its height above PCB is 1/3 of that of the TVR14 series. Similarly, the electrical performance of the TVBDS is equivalent to the leaded type TVR10 series, and its height above PCB is only 40% of the TVR10 series.

Varistor Module for Surge Protection

Since the base station is situated outside, it is susceptible to lightning and power-induced surges, which generate high transient voltages and transmit high currents through the power lines of a base station. Therefore, to prevent service interruptions caused by damage from high transient overvoltages, it is imperative to protect the power supply of the base station from lightning surges.

TSP15751 is a circuit-board mounting SPD module consisting of varistor elements to provide enhanced surge protection capability and reliability. For a split-phase system, the module is intended to be installed across the L-N, L-PE, and N-PE for both common and differential modes protection. The maximum surge current rating of the device is up to 10kA (8/20μs) and is ideal for protecting the base station against damage from high peak surge current. In addition, it features a wide voltage range from 90V to 300V and a lower clamping voltage for reliable surge protection.