Product Application

TVM6B820 & TVM4B101

TVM6B820 & TVM4B101 are surface mount multilayer varistors manufactured from semiconducting ceramics and the construction technology gives them high surge suppression capability in a small footprint. The components are intended for use in applications of low voltage DC power supply and PoE surge protection. TVM6B820 and TVM4B101 are with max. continuous voltage of 82VDC and 100VDC, high surge current capability of 4500 A and 1200 A (8/20 µs) pulse), and EIA housing size of 2220 and of 1210, respectively. The small footprint of the components is ideal for PCBs with higher circuitry density. 

Plastic Encapsulated Type Varistors

THINKING newly designed TVB-T and TVB-S series with varistor elements encapsulated in a UL 94 V-0 flame-retardant plastic housing for surface mounting soldering process. Both series provides AC power, low voltage DC power supplies including the common 48VDC, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) overvoltage protection. 

The latest TVB-T series combines two varistor elements in a plastic housing. The unique configuration of the component differentiates itself from the common surface mount MOV devices. Currently, THINKING provides TVBBT361 for AC power input (360VAC) and TVBET820 (82VDC) for low voltage DC-DC power supply protection. They maintain the equivalent electrical performance as compared to the through-hole MOVs TVR10 and TVR14 series, while significantly reduces the board space required by 30%. 

TVB-T series is especially perfect for PoE-capable devices because of its compact design and high surge capability. Usually, each Ethernet port requires 4 conventional surface mount varistors for best surge protection. With TVB-T series, only 2 devices are required to protect an Ethernet port against voltage transients. In other words, the integrated device considerably decreases the density of the printed circuit board by 50%. It not only significantly conserves the PCB space, but also improves assembly efficiency by reducing installation time.

TVB-S series is varistor assembled in a low-profile housing and is ideal for 5G communication circuits design with limited PCB height. It is with wide operating voltage ranges of VAC(RMS) from 17V to 460V and of VDC from 22V to 615V. The Electrical performance of the component is also equivalent to the through hole type MOV (TVR14 series), but its height above PCB is 1/3 of that of TVR14 series. The component is compatible with both wave soldering and IR reflow soldering procedures to provide customers flexibility.

Product specifications of TVB-T and TVB-S series are as the table below.

Varistor Module for Surge Protection

Base station is exposed to lightning and power induced surges given its outdoor surrounding. A direct lightning strike or induced surge generates high voltages and transmit high currents through the power line of a base station. Because the resulting damage can lead to a service downtime, the power line of the base station need appropriate surge protection. 

TSP15751 is a board level surge protection module that consists of 3 varistor elements encapsulated in a UL 94 V-0 flame retardant plastic housing. The module can be used as the primary side of surge protection. For a split-phase system, the module is intended to be installed across the L-PE and N-PE for both common and differential modes of protection. 

The maximum surge current rating of the device is up to 10kA (8/20μs pulse) and hence is ideal for protecting the base station against the damage from high peak surge current. It features a wide voltage range from 90V to 300V and a lower clamping voltage for good surge protection.