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SCH Series: THINKING Extends Its High Power Type NTC ICL

SCH series is high power type NTC inrush current limiter from THINKING, and the series extends its product sizes to Ф25mm and Ф30mm (hereafter as "SCH25" and "SCH30"). The extension also increases its Imax to 38A and its capacitance to 5200μF. With features of high power and small size, SCH series is suitable for high power applications with limited installation space.

Standard capacitance and high capacitance are available for SCH25 and SCH30. Their standard capacitance values are 2200μF and 3000μF, and their high capacitance values are 4200μF and 5200μF, respectively. The two capacitance choices cater needs of both popular and niche applications. In addition to capacitance, high Imax of SCH series also makes it suitable for the following power, EV, industrial, medical related applications.

  • ● High power switching mode power supply (SMPS), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power conversion equipment
  • ● Charger and charging station of electric vehicle
  • ● Motor drive system, high power plasma welding machine, cutting machine, high power lighting application
  • ● Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, professional high power audio receiver, high power toroidal transformer, high capacity power inverter
  • ● Industrial robot driven by high voltage power supply, smart low-voltage power distribution unit
  • For NTC inrush current limiters of THINKING, SCK series is standard series, and SCH series is high power series. When comparing with SCK series, SCH series offers the following benefits.

  • ● Electrical performance of SCH25 series is equivalent to SCK30 series, and it reduces 15% installation space.
  • ● Body temperature increase of SCH series is lower than that of SCK series, and which extends use life of end applications.
  • ● SCH25 and SCH30 series provide standard capacitance and high capacitance models to meet needs of popular and niche end applications.
  • SCH series provides Ф20mm product when it was launched, and that is the most popular body size in the market. Then, THINKING adds Ф25mm and Ф30mm products to this series with higher power and capacitance for different size needs of customers. Please click the link for more information of SCH series, and it is also welcomed to contact THINKING sales representatives for detailed information.