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TVB-T Series: Varistor for Network Port Protection

THINKING launches TVB-T series, plastic encapsulated type varistor for network port protection. Its product size is EIA4941 with maximum continuous voltage (Vac) of 230V. Electrical performance of the component is equivalent to that of TVR10 series, and its compact design makes it suitable for network port with limited space.

TVB-T series encapsulates two varistors into its UL94 V-0 compliant flame retardant case, and it has 3 pins for surface mounting installation. Electrical performance of the series is equivalent to that of TVR10 series, and it reduces installation space by 30%. Furthermore, TVB-T series offers miniaturization products with higher density, and which reduces 58% installation space on PCB. TVB-T series is recommended for the following network port applications because of its compact design and SMD structure.

  • ● Protection of switch ports
  • ● Protection of power terminals
  • ● Protection of wireless access point (AP) ports

For Ethernet applications, every Ethernet port usually requires four disc type or SMD type varistors to offer over-voltage protection. However, two pcs of TVB-T products are able to offer surge protection to an Ethernet port, and it reduces component density on PCB by 50%. The reduction of installed products assists customers in shortening their assembly time and improving their assembly efficiency. In addition, TVB-T products withstand 15 times of maximum continuous surges under 105℃, and that indicates its high safety. In other words, adopting TVB-T series provides customers the following advantages.

  • ● Space saving: installation space of the component is smaller than that of SMD type varistor
  • ● High design flexibility: the component is connected in parallel for high surge capability, and it offers higher voltage when being connected in series
  • ● Automatic installation: the component is suitable for surface mounting installation, and which improves assembly efficiency

With the launch of TVB-T series, THINKING provides more solutions for network port protection. Catalogues of the products can be found by clicking the links below. Please contact THINKING sales representatives and authorized THINKING distributors if you need samples or detailed information.