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Wake up with a good cup of Joe, make a grilled cheese, bake a few cupcakes with kids, and serve beef stew in 20 minutes...

Today’s kitchen appliances perform diverse tasks with the same goal: to make tasty food at home fast and easy. Kitchen appliances usually offer automatic programs with selected cooking time and temperature to make beverage and meal preparation a lot easier and faster. NTC temperature sensor, or so called NTC temperature thermistor, plays an important role of detecting and regulating cooking temperature. THINKING offers a range of NTC temperature sensors to help kitchen appliances bring out the best cooking results to serve tasty food and beverage.

THINKING Solutions
1. Coffee Machines & Beverage Appliances
  1. ‧ Immersion Type: A good cup of coffee wakes people up to start a new day. Modern coffee machines extract the best out of the beans faster and more easily. Brew water temperature, which is relatively easy to control, is one of the most important temperature variables that affect the balance of flavor. The NTC temperature sensor potted in food grade stainless steel cap can be placed in direct contact with water and responds fast (2 s), enabling a constant and optimal water temperature to extract most flavor potential of the beans. 
  3. ‧ Surface Contact Type: For latte lovers, an automatic milk frother makes creating foamy and milky beverage at home effortlessly. Electric milk frothers usually allow consumers to choose the desired texture and temperature from cold foam, hot milk to hot foam. NTC temperature sensor is placed in contact with the heating element to help warm the milk to the pre-set temperature (<68 °C) without over-heating. The flat aluminum surface of sensor top and the spring give the sensor good thermal coupling to the heating surface for accurate temperature detection. The sensor can also be placed under the hotplate of drip coffee machine and beverage warmer to help keep the beverage warm.

‧ Flanged Type: For coffee or beverage applications, an NTC temperature sensor assembled in a 316 stainless steel housing with flange is available for fast and simple installation.

2. Electric Grills & Cake Makers

Electric grill or electric griddle nowadays offers automated programs with preset temperature and time that allow users to prepare sausage, steak, grilled cheese, and pressed Panini more easily. THINKING’s patented NTC temperature sensor enables better thermal coupling to the cooking plates of electric grills. The spring loaded sensor with flat aluminum surface makes the sensor to closely detect the temperature of cooking plate and optimize thermal response. To further meet the customer’s requirement, our engineering experts were able to integrate a ground wire in the sensor structure. In addition, the NTC temperature sensor has been tested to withstand high voltage of 1000V AC under a high temperature of 270°C, which assures the safety of long-term reliability. 

Automatic cake maker with pre-set baking programs offers consumers an easier and safer baking alternative. Family with kids can bake pastries successfully and save time monitoring oven temperature. Cake baking appliance incorporates cooking plates, heating elements on each side and a temperature sensor for detecting temperature. The NTC temperature sensor for cake baking appliance responds fast to thermal change (2.2 s) and can withstands a temperature of 250°C.

3. Air Fryers

Air fryer offers consumers an alternative of frying food. By baking food ingredient at a high heat of about 200°C and circulating hot air at high speed, air fryer produces a convection effect to brown the exterior of the food and crisp it up. There are two types of NTC temperature sensor available for air fryer. One consists of an aluminum alloy cap and high temperature lead wire. Another is glass-sealed NTC temperature sensor assembled with heat shrink tube and PFA insulated lead wire. Both can withstand a temperature of 200°C.

4. Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers utilize the power of steam to significantly reduce cooking time. The steam raises the atmospheric pressure in the sealed vacuum pot and makes the liquid inside to boil at a temperature higher than 100°C. For the home cooks who want to serve dinner quickly, electric pressure cooker is a safer option than stovetop pressure cooker. Today’s electric pressure cooker offers more pre-set programs of slow cook, steam, pressure cook, sauté, and more. The heating is controlled by a microprocessor based on the readings of the temperature sensors placed in the lid, near the heating element, or both. The NTC temperature sensor in aluminum housing can be mounted easily with its fast and simple installation design. 

5. Food Processors

Chop, dice, slice, knead, puree, and mix in just one touch. A food processor or blender significantly reduces preparation time. New generation food processor or blender incorporates heating element to make soup or soymilk in the bowl has further improved convenience for consumers. For such appliance, an NTC temperature sensor is also required for sensing temperature to help the ECU regulate the cooking temperature. There are two NTC temperature sensors available— one is with faster thermal response time  and another is with a thread for easy screw-in installation.

‧ In addition to temperature sensors, THINKING offers a broad line of circuit protection components to protect the latest  appliances. Click here to see more circuit protection recommendations for home appliances.

‧ Most temperature sensor types can be delivered in various shapes and with a wide choice of casing materials, cable lengths, connectors, terminals and mounting features to meet different application needs. Alternative resistance tolerances, R/T characteristics, resistance ratings, and UL recoginized models are available on request. Please contact us to learn more about temperature sensors.