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TVBDS Series: Low-Profile Varistor for Limited Installation-Space Applications

TVB series is a plastic encapsulated type varistor series from THINKING, and its body sizes include EIA 3225 and EIA 4032. THINKING recently launches TVBDS series to expand the portfolio of TVB series. For TVBDS series, its body size is EIA 5548 with Imax of 500A and 3500A, and its max. continuous voltage (Vac) ranges from 17V to 460V. In other words, electrical performance of the device is equivalent to that of leaded type TVR10 series (Φ10mm leaded type varistor), and its low profile design reduces its height above PCB to only 40% of TVR10 series. For agency approval, it is compliant with UL and cUL.

  • TVBDS series is suitable for the following applications with limited installation space because of its low profile design and surface mounted structure.
  • ● Compact power supply
  • ● Networking devices and set-top box
  • ● TV
  • ● Industrial equipment
  • ● LED lighting drivers
  • Leaded type varistor is a popular overvoltage protection device, but it requires more installation space. Because of that, the component is not recommended for compact end-applications owing to its limited installation space. TVBDS series solves the above-mentioned problem and its electrical performance is as excellent as leaded type TVR 10 series. Adapting this component provides customers the following advantages.
  • ● SMD structure of TVBDS series reduces 60% height above PCB while comparing with that of TVR10 series, and the structure is recommended for automatic insertion production of customers to increase their production efficiency.
  • ● Flame-retardant encapsulation material meets UL94-V0 requirement, and the material is used as cases of TVBDS series to increase safety protection capability of the component
  • ● Improved electrode design reduces 60% soldering area to save solder when comparing with TVB series from THINKING.
  • In addition to TVBDS series, THINKING launches TVBES series last February, a plastic encapsulated type varistor with a body size of EIA 6255, and its electrical performance is equivalent to that of leaded type TVR14 series from THINKING (Φ14mm leaded type varistor) . The two varistor series offer customers more choices of overvoltage protection components. Please click the links below for more product information, and you are welcomed to contact our sales representatives and authorized distributors for sample requests or more information.

  • TVBDS series catalogue (EIA size of 5548)

    TVBES series catalogue (EIA size of 6255)