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THINKING Launches 125°C High-Temperature Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses for Automotive Applications

THINKING launches its first 125°C high-temperature polymer PTC resettable fuses (PPTC), KRH and KMH series, for automotive applications that require electronic components to operate in high-temperature environments.

These high-temperature series include the radial leaded KRH series and surface mount KMH series to meet the needs of various customers. The KRH series offers hold current ratings from 2A to 15A and 0.5A to 10A, respectively, at 16Vdc and 32Vdc maximum rated voltages (Vmax). The KMH series, on the other hand, offers a wide range of SMD package sizes, including EIA 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, and 1812. Its Vmax ranges from 9Vdc to 60Vdc, and its hold current ratings are from 0.05A to 1.75A.

Both high-temperature series are AEC-Q200 qualified and can offer over-current protection to ensure normal operation of automotive electronics in high-temperature environments. Each series is recommended for the automotive applications below based on its electrical performance and configuration.

  • ● 16Vdc and 32Vdc maximum voltage ratings of the KRH series make it suitable for automotive motor and motor circuit protection and I/O protection of electronic control unit (ECU).
  • ● Wide footprint range and compact SMD design of KMH series offer design flexibility for applications with limited installation spaces, including telematics and in-vehicle infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), ECU module, and harness protection.
  • Electronic components in automotive electronics, especially those under the hood applications, and industrial applications that are particularly demanding, must operate at higher ambient temperatures. Therefore, using the 125°C high-temperature polymer PTC resettable fuses offers the following benefits.

  • ● The 125°C high-temperature polymer PTC devices can withstand harsh environment conditions and provide reliable resettable overcurrent protection solutions for increased operating temperature requirements.
  • ● Compared to standard 85°C products, the 125°C high-temperature polymer PTC devices feature higher hold currents at higher ambient operating temperatures and provide better thermal derating performance. Therefore, employing the 125°C products helps avoid causing nuisance tripping when the ambient temperatures are increased between 85°C and 125°C.
  • With the addition of the new series, THINKING completes its product line of resettable protective components for automotive applications. Catalogues of the products can be found by clicking the product series names below. Please contact THINKING sales representatives and authorized THINKING distributors if you need samples or detailed information.