Product Application


Dishwashers are great helpers in modern kitchens because they save time and water. The latest dishwashers are designed with smart features such as intuitive touch screens and wireless connectivity for remote control. As water gets heated in the dishwashers, it dissolves the detergent, and cleans and sanitizes dishes better. Drying dishes is another function that consumers are looking for. Some dishwashers utilize condensation technologies to improve the drying results. At the final rinse stage, water is heated higher than 65°C to make the dishes very hot. This will enable heat exchange and achieve condensation drying. Therefore, accurate temperature sensing is crucial for regulating the pre-defined water temperature to complete washing and drying task. THINKING offers a range of NTC temperature sensors for dishwasher to help measure and monitor water temperature.

The latest smart dishwashers are designed with more convenient features such as touch screens and wireless connectivity. The increased number of electronics makes associated circuit protection more complex and critical. In addition to temperature sensors mentioned above, THINKING offers a broad line of circuit protection components to protect the complex and sensitive circuits and recommends the following protection technologies for use in the applications.

1. Heating & Drying

NTC temperature sensor potted in a plastic case is perfect for the wet environment because of its moisture resistance. Moreover, the sensor is tested to wi­thstand higher voltage (3750V AC) for its great insulation and long-term safety. The suggested temperature sensor usually comes with RAST 2.5 connector for easy installation. THINKING can also customize NTC temperature sensor for specific applications. Electrical characteristics, structures, connectors, housing and cable lengths of sensors can be customized to meet the application needs.

2. Door Lock

Modern dishwashers usually equip with door lock to ensure user safety and to prevent the door from being opened while water is spraying. An innovative door interlock design incorporates PTC stone, also known as PTC heater, to enable the interlocking mechanism. When the door is shut, the PTC stone in the door interlock assembly is electrified to heat up and bend the bimetallic strip, and which then activates other mechanical parts to keep the door locked.

3. Control Board & Power Input

THINKING’s Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) protect power input from voltage surge and lightning events, and the NTC or PTC inrush current limiters effectively suppress inrush current. Components on the control board such as MOSFET and ICs are vulnerable, and they are also suggested to be guarded by MOV device. Some designers may choose TVS diodes to protect the circuits from the threat of voltage transients.

4. Inverter/ Motor Drive
  • Motors often risk from the damage of overload, stall, and overheating. Ceramic PTC thermistor is suggested to be installed to prevent the motors from the damage of overcurrent. An NTC temperature sensor is also recommended for monitoring the temperature to prevent the motor from overheat.
5. Display & Touch Panel
  • Like the portable consumer devices, dishwashers equipped with touch screens and wireless connection systems are exposed to the threat from electrostatic discharge (ESD). A multilayer varistor (TVM-G series) or an ESD TVS diode is recommended to attenuate the energy.
6. Valve & Pump

The constant switching on and off actions of valve and pump may cause voltage transients and damage the vulnerable circuits. A transient voltage suppressor (TVS diode) can be employed to protect electronic components from induced voltage transients.

Thanks to smart home technologies, more and more dishwashers can be monitored and controlled remotely. THINKING’s product portfolios, covering overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection components, can help support the most advanced dishwashers to operate stably and safely. Both THINKING's standard and customized NTC temperature sensors measure temperature accurately and help dishwashers achieve precise water temperature control.